Tactical Response – Fighting Pistol

Tactical Response – Fighting Pistol

Nov. 9-10, 2017
Bastrop, TX

Instructors: James Yeager, Don Numbers, Graham Hunt

Equipment: Gen4 Glock 19 with XS Big Dot Sights. This was my first class using my fourth gen Glock 19 and I wanted to ensure it was as reliable as my older second gen Glock 19. SOE EDC Belt. If you haven’t seen or used an extremely rigid gun belt like this you’re doing yourself a disservice. Finally I used a Yeti-Tac Yeti07 Tremis edition holster for day 1, and an NSR Tactical C4 holster for day 2. These holsters are both extremely high quality kydex holsters with soft loops for attaching them to your belt. I changed holsters between days because I wanted to train with both of them. I shot the entire class from concealment. Clearing my cover garment for every draw, and reluctant re-holster. I carry concealed all day every day, I should and did train the same way.

Who: There were 26 students in my class of Fighting Pistol. We were broken up into two groups of 13. At least three of the students were Fighting Pistol Alumni which in my opinion is a testament to the class that several students thought it was worth while to come back and take the class again. In one case I believe this was the fourth or fifth time he was taking Fighting Pistol. We had a couple of paramedics taking the class, a few computer nerds, some guardsmen, and just about every other walk of life you can imagine. Before coming to Fighting Pistol I had done a number of classes with smaller schools in Indiana, and Texas. Early on though I was lucky enough to meet a former Tactical Response instructor who was willing to give my wife and I an afternoon of private lessons. He said it was important to start out with a good foundation, and he was happy to donate his time. Ever since then I’ve wanted to come to Tactical Response and take this class. It was nice that they came to me.

Class: Day 1 started with a review of the safety rules, medical and evac plan, a brief discussion of pistol grip and the mechanics of the draw. The next part was what I think the guiding principles of the entire class. Survival Principals are – Mindset, Tactics, Skills, and Gear. In that order. This class focuses very heavily on Mindset, which is uncommon and refreshing. The Instructors Don Numbers & Graham Hunt were both attentive and helpful, complimenting when appropriate and encouraging when necessary. We practiced moving and shooting with a hard focus on “make your hits!” At no point were we told we should be faster, or shoot faster. This isn’t a race, and at least once someone mentioned “You can’t miss fast enough to win a gun fight.”

Day 2 started with the single most important part of the whole class. James Yeager was present to give us a lecture on mindset, and when an Alumni tells you the lecture alone is worth the price of admission they aren’t exaggerating. One of the key takeaways I got from this lecture was avoiding going to dumb places, with dumb people is a great way to avoid needing to use any of the skills I’ve learned. “If you think you need a gun to go there… Don’t go.” I think was a quote, and it’s so very true. The shooting portion of Day 2 had a lot more focus on movement, and on shooting from cover. I hadn’t worked with cover before, and learned a lot about changing levels and sides in addition to moving further away from the cover to play better angles.

I honestly believe anyone who is even thinking about carrying a gun for self defense should take this class. The lecture alone will put you in a better position to defend yourself, or avoid ever needing to defend yourself. You can be a world class shooter and leave this class with something valuable. I can’t recommend this class highly enough and I’m looking forward to taking Fighting Pistol again in a few months as a refresher before going to Advanced Fighting Pistol.