Communications Assessment

Have you thought about how you would communicate with the people you needed to contact if suddenly cell phones, and the internet were to stop functioning? This doesn’t have to be a doomsday story to be relevant, we need only look at areas affected by Hurricanes and Floods. Or even New York City (and all of the North East) when the cascading power failure occurred in 2003

Let’s take a few moments and just ask ourselves a few simple questions, to get us thinking about communications in an emergency. From here we can evaluate what we will need to be prepared. After you’ve worked through this assessment, come back and our next post will focus on the very first line.


  1. Do you have a written emergency communications Plan? 
    • If yes, do you practice your plan frequently? 
  1. Who are you primarily going to communicate with during a crisis?
  1. What is the purpose of your communication?
  1. What is the longest distance you are going to need to communicate? (this is critical)
  1. What type of environment do you live in? (circle)
    • Urban
    • Suburban
    • Rural
    • Isolated
    • Other: (Describe)
  1. What is the terrain like where you live? (circle)
    • Mountains
    • Forest
    • Desert
    • Water
    • Other: (describe)
  1. Are you going to be in one location, mobile, or a combination of both?
  1. What kind of power supply do you plan on having for your equipment?

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